We excel in elevating organizational performance and yielding tangible results through sharpening leadership skills, strengthening team dynamics, fostering volunteer excellence, cultivating strategic foresight, and offering expert advice.

Leadership &
Executive Coaching

Coaching is an inquiry-based process that helps leaders gain deeper insights and achieve desired outcomes. We help leaders connect the dots, frame issues, explore their assumptions, expand their perspectives, improve their effectiveness, and cultivate new ways of “being” and “doing.” As a result, clients experience elevated performance and realize their goals with greater ease and fulfillment.


We deliver real results for your team through research-based assessments, coaching, and training. Common areas of focus include enhancing mutual accountability, defining shared purpose and goals, optimizing decision-making, fostering collaboration and cohesion, and more. Whether you're just starting out or undergoing a major transformation, our highly customized engagemen's are tailored to your unique needs, helping your team improve their performance and satisfaction.

Volunteer Engagement
Strategy & Design

We specialize in helping leaders maximize the impact of volunteers to achieve their mission. We assess current volunteer engagement, align volunteers to desired outcomes, and provide customized strategy development, implementation support, and training. Our inclusive approach fosters collaboration between staff and volunteers at all levels, leading to the efficient and effective achievement of organizational goals.

Mentoring &
Thought Partnership

Our mentoring approach blends inquiry and expert counsel to guide individuals through a practical learning journey. We offer actionable insights and immediate implementation strategies to prepare the mentee for action. We facilitate connections, open doors, and share tools and experiences to support the mentee's growth, confidence, and competence to succeed.


Our executive search services are different from typical recruiting firms. We leverage our extensive nationwide network of relationships, combined with our C-suite experience and leadership development expertise to find your next chief executive. Our approach prioritizes making a long-term match, ensuring that we are trusted by both candidates and clients. Our relationship-centered approach delivers the best possible leadership solutions aligned with your organizational culture and strategic goals.

Strategic Visioning
& Planning

We believe that to create lasting change, it's crucial to first define the problems you're trying to solve and visualize the impact you want to make. That's why we take a thoughtful approach to design, working collaboratively with you to envision big goals that are not only inspiring but also actionable. Our aim is to help you develop a concrete plan for achieving your goals and making a meaningful impact.

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