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Countless organizations driving positive change would not exist without volunteers on their team. In fact, research shows that those utilizing the efforts of like-minded volunteers are healthier and more successful in advancing their mission.

With the right support, strategically involving volunteers can spark transformation and build capacity. Many people have the desire to volunteer, but channeling their potential contributions requires the proper infrastructure.

Adisa has extensive experience in volunteer engagement and will tailor our assessments, consults and trainings to the distinct needs of your organization. We help build focus, clarity, and direction, empowering staff and volunteers at every level of the organization to work more efficiently toward positive results.

How can we help you leverage
the power of volunteers?

As leading national experts in volunteer engagement, we are uniquely positioned to support you in building an expansive volunteer infrastructure. In 2020, Energize became a program of Adisa. Founded in 1977 by Susan J. Ellis, Energize has assisted organizations of all sizes and types as they launch, expand or strengthen volunteer involvement.

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Adisa conducts in-depth organizational assessments to strengthen and expand strategic volunteer engagement. The process includes surveying and interviewing stakeholders using a research-model approach, evaluating processes, identifying what’s working and where improvements need to be made, and providing guidance on volunteer engagement development and growth.

Among the tools we use is the Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA), a cutting-edge, innovative system first developed in 2009 by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, in conjunction with Adisa’s Betsy McFarland. VPA is designed to promote nonprofit organizational effectiveness by focusing on volunteer engagement as seen through the perspective of volunteers using a comprehensive and validated attitudes and engagement survey.

In addition, the Energize website offers a free, comprehensive collection of volunteer engagement resources.
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Following an assessment, Adisa can partner with you to move forward, including:

  • Creating volunteer engagement plans and timelines;
  • Developing new procedures and processes;
  • Guiding the team in implementing changes; and
  • Evaluating program effectiveness and impact, making adjustments as needed to ensure a smooth progression.
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Whether virtually or in person, we offer client-customized trainings on every topic related to volunteer engagement. Here is a sampling.

  • Building the Foundation for Volunteer Involvement
  • Designing Volunteer Work in Light of Covid-19
  • Communicating Effectively with Volunteers
  • Increasing Diversity in Your Volunteer Corps
  • Managing Challenging Volunteers and Reducing Conflict
  • Mitigating Risk and Developing Strategies for Keeping Volunteers Safe
  • Gaining Leadership Support for Volunteer Engagement
  • Successful Volunteer Recruitment Techniques
  • Interviewing, Screening and Placing Volunteers
  • Orienting and Welcoming Volunteers for Success
  • Formulating Policies that Support Volunteer Involvement
  • Volunteer Recognition: Creating a Culture of Appreciation

Ready to jump start your volunteer program?