Adisa To Carry on The Great Work of Energize

Adisa Merging with Energize

Susan Ellis (left), Betsy McFarland (center), and Betty Stallings (right) at the 2017 National Summit for Volunteer Engagement Leadership. Susan was the founder of Energize.

Since our launch in 2016, Adisa has been committed to empowering organizations to be their best by developing their people—both staff and volunteers. We specialize in strategic planning, leadership and staff development, and guiding organizations in engaging their communities through volunteerism.

For my entire career, I have been incredibly passionate about involving communities in social causes. I began my career developing the first-ever volunteer program for a local animal shelter. Then I went on to create a National Volunteer Center for the Humane Society of the United States, which now engages thousands of volunteers around the world. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work extensively in organizations of all sizes to help them cultivate volunteers to meet the mission and increase impact.

Early in my volunteer-engagement journey, I learned about Susan Ellis and Susan founded Energize in 1977. From the start, the company focused 100% of its services on starting and expanding the effectiveness of volunteers in serving any and all types of organizations, with special attention paid to developing the skills of those designated as leaders of volunteer engagement.

Energize quickly developed an unparalleled reputation around the world for producing or discovering and sharing resources of the highest quality, grounded in advocacy for the profession of volunteer management and the power of volunteer contributions. In fact, more than almost anyone else I can think of, Susan was the most visible and powerful voice, relentlessly advocating for leaders of volunteers and pushing us to be the best we can be. Through the years, Susan became a treasured mentor and friend.

Sadly, Susan Ellis, passed away February 24, 2019, after successfully living with cancer for over eight years. Her passing was a devastating blow to so many of us in the field, leaving many to wonder what’s going to happen with Energize. There has been a strong, collective desire not to lose what Susan created.

I’m thrilled to share that Adisa is honored to carry the Energize torch and build upon the work that Susan so masterfully guided. We are committed to ensuring that Energize remains the go-to source for everything related to volunteer engagement. All the resources, training and consulting that Energize is known for will continue through Adisa.

This is a natural fit for both companies because our values so closely align. The synergy between Adisa and Energize will enable us to provide even deeper support to those seeking to make a difference and will elevate the recognition of how powerful volunteers can be when deployed strategically throughout an organization.

Susan had a significant impact on my career, as I’m sure she did for many in the field of volunteer engagement. I’m pleased to also share that the Susan J. Ellis Foundation has been established to ensure her legacy continues. The e-Volunteerism Journal will become part of the Foundation and will continue to enlighten and inform the field. Our friend, Rob Jackson, is the new Editor-in-Chief and he is working with the editorial team to refresh the Journal for its upcoming 20th anniversary in October. The Foundation is also supporting Susan’s extensive library and journal collection. We will share more about the Foundation’s plans in the upcoming months.

To those in the field of volunteer engagement, Energize has been a household word for more than 40 years. We hope to make Susan proud and continue to grow the work that she began. And I’m thrilled that Kristin Floyd, Rob Jackson, and many others will continue to be part of it.

We look forward to continuing to support you in your work with volunteers and in service to your mission. Please stay connected with us on social media, and feel free to reach out to us anytime.