About Adisa

Adisa is a consultancy helping people change the world. We coach, consult, and build capacity for individuals and teams, helping you achieve impact, unleash talent, hone in and power up what’s working and uncover the root causes inhibiting progress, aligning systems to deliver desired results.

Helping others succeed is in our DNA. We are partners and problem solvers passionate about developing leadership, accelerating performance, building and uniting diverse communities, teams and organizations who are focused on solving the world’s toughest problems.

The Story Behind The Name


ADISA is a West African word that means “one who sees clearly.” The Sankofa icon is a Ghanaian symbol, a bird turning to retrieve an egg from its back. In a mission-driven organization, the push to shape the future is complex. The egg on the back of the bird can signify many things, but we look at it as an opportunity to break open – or hatch—new ways of looking at challenges and opportunities so that we may develop solutions for individual and collective action. Sankofa tells us to “reach back and get it.”