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Vision and mission are inspiring, memorable, and most importantly, actionable. People unite around a shared purpose that clearly represents an organization’s dreams and intentions. Adisa brings your stakeholders together to create greater clarity and consensus around vision and mission, bringing your strategy into focus. It’s one thing to dream about the future. To achieve what you envision, you must break down the larger goals into measurable steps that will take you to your desired destination.

While a vision is generally an organization’s North Star, its strategic plan is a dynamic roadmap that is responsive to emerging information and external conditions. It serves as a compass that can steady an organization through all weather. And, though the final plan may propel it forward, an organization’s culture, people, structure and systems can accelerate or hinder its execution. The same plan could be given to two different groups, but the results would vary wildly due to its people, the way an organization is designed, and its values lived and rewarded. Each piece must be aligned and cultivated for sustainable performance.

Adisa is attuned and attentive to the nuances of culture – the way people work and interact day-to-day regardless of formal rules. We help your group highlight capabilities and reveal gaps between where you are and where you want to be. We collectively define factors critical for success and identify where you can shift resources to spend more time on areas that are strategically significant.

Working with internal and external stakeholders, Adisa facilitates the process to design an overarching framework that can be used to build an integrated strategy and goforward plan. We can be involved minimally, leading a retreat to help set the general direction for you to fill in the details. Or, we can jump into the weeds together and fully flush it all out, down to the internal tracking and external sharing. Either way, we will offer guidance to support your larger vision and forge a path toward achieving your mission.

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