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Adisa recognizes that effective meetings and retreats are critical building blocks for stronger, more productive teams. With expert facilitation training and experience, we collaborate with you to develop impactful sessions that maximize your team’s time and effort.

Together, we clarify your goals and objectives, interviewing stakeholders if further insight is needed to guide the planning process. The result is a customized gathering that elicits creative thinking, lively interaction and optimal participation from attendees, all leading to the desired outcomes, including next steps and action plans.

Adisa is also uniquely skilled at facilitating challenging conversations. In cases of conflict, we can deftly lead the discussion to ensure productive dialogue, providing a safe space to resolve difficult situations. We know how to leverage conversations so teams gain greater clarity, and we cultivate shared understanding and decision-making to encourage higher levels of performance.

In addition, Adisa has extensive experience with continued training that will empower your team to strategically, successfully meet your mission. Whether in person or virtually, sessions are tailored to the audience and always include numerous opportunities for active participation and engagement. Topics range from developing resilience to getting work done through others to seeing volunteers as catalysts for change.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Trainings We Conduct.

  • Managing and Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Getting Things Done Through Others
  • Discovering Transformational Leadership
  • Deepening Volunteer Engagement
  • Getting and Keeping the Volunteers You Need
  • How to Train Your Staff to Succeed with Volunteers
  • Managing Challenging Volunteers

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