Adisa works closely with you and your organization to identify your needs, understand your goals, seek clarity, and help you develop and implement solutions tailored to your reality.

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You’re in the middle of it. We’ve been there.

We understand the challenges involved in managing change. We can help you juggle conflicting priorities and achieve measurable results from stretched resources. We’ve led during difficult times, growing programs amidst contradictory viewpoints and developing campaigns that work.

We’re focused on the results you want.

Like you, we’re deeply committed to social change. Like you, we’re driven by passion. At multiple organizations, we have translated that drive into a comprehensive vision and strategy, uniting diverse stakeholders and communities around shared goals. We revel in the privilege of helping you achieve your goals.

We’ll help you balance optimism and pragmatism.

We understand the tension between big dreams and feasibility. We encourage bold thinking, and we also strive for clarity around how an organization will execute its plans and measure its success.

We know the money stuff.

You need to leverage resources and hone results so that outcomes are crystal-clear for donors and investors. We get it. We’ve been on both sides—securing funding as well as offering it to groups doing great work—so we know how to create sustainable relationships between those who give and those who perform.

We’ll help you cultivate leaders and build your team.

We have boots-on-the-ground experience and formal training designed to help you bring out the best in your people. We’ll help you keep the full puzzle in view while integrating the pieces. And if you’re struggling to partner with board members, executive leadership, staff, or volunteers, we’ll help you build upon their strengths, discuss differences, and drive outcomes to serve the greater good.

We’ll see with your eyes—then help make your vision 20/20.

We’ll help you identify what’s getting in your way, and develop strategies for realizing the outcomes you wish to see for yourself, your team, and the world. Together, we’ll identify and locate the logjams and help you clear the way.